ARMA’s fabric care products have a diversity of choices that offer high quality standards. The laundry products are perfect for white, colored, dark, junior and infant clothes. They can perform whiteness and stain removal with color and cloth protection, as well as offer a wide range of fragrances and colored packages that appeal to consumers.


Powder and Gel


Spring Breeze, Lavender, Tino White and Oriental Breeze


Automatic washing machines (Low Suds) or manual hand wash (High Suds)


Sizes & Packaging:

Low Suds Powder: 3, 4, 8 kg

Low Suds Gel: 80 gm, 900 kg, 2.5 liters

Low Suds (Sacks): 10 kg, 13 kg

High Suds Powder: 65 gm,100 gm,180 gm, 2 kg, 350 gm, 600 gm, 1200 gm,


Dishwashing Liquid

Standing out for their cleanliness and concentration, ARMA’s Dishwashing liquid are strong on grease and soft on hands. With a wide variety of scents and competitive prices, our dishwashing liquid are perfect for every household’s needs.


Green Lemon, Lemon Mint, Yellow Lemon and Fruity

Sizes & Packaging: 45 gm, 650 ml, 2.5 liters


ARMA’s multi-purpose product specializes in cleaning several types of floors, while serving competitive prices and sizes. Each choice offers cleanliness and hygiene with the highest standards of quality.

Type: Floor Cleaner

Sizes & Packaging: 730 ml and 3 liters

Sachet 110 gm

Shower Gels

ARMA’s shower gels stand out with luxurious quality and choices, offering long lasting fragrance and softness.

Sizes & Packaging: 1 liter and 3.3 liters

Sachet 35 ml


Rivoli Shower Gel 1L Purple (002).png
Rivoli Hand Soap 500ml Purple.png
Liquid Hand Soap

ARMA’s liquid hand soaps are distinguished with everlasting fragrance and softness. They’re role in beauty, hygiene and personal care make them the perfect choice for every household.

Sizes & Packaging: 500 ml

Bar Soap

ARMA’s bar soaps are wide ranging in their choices, packaging and sizes. With colorful appearances, they are attractive to use daily.

Sizes & Packaging: 60 gm, 100 gm, 120 gm, 175 gm


Purple 165gm.png