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One Team Many Challenges


Our participation in the Beauty Istanbul Exhibition represents a significant step towards our global expansion. It confirms our readiness to efficiently and effectively meet international challenges, reflecting our standing in the local market. The exhibition provided us with an opportunity to showcase our products and services to a select group of industry experts, investors, and potential clients. Our commitment to excellence was apparent in every aspect of our presentation, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Beauty Istanbul
Arma Egy Beauty Expo

Arma Soap and Detergents is proud to announce its participation in the fourth edition of EGY BEAUTY EXPO 2023, the premiere exhibition for cosmetics and perfumes. The expo is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre, Hall 2, from May 13th to 15th.

Arma Soap and Detergents produces a wide range of products that meet the different needs of their customers, including self-care products such as powders and gels, with high-quality formulas that meet the needs of our consumers in terms of cleaning and preserving clothes under the brand "Oxi", in addition to home care products such as multi-purpose detergents with advanced formulas, cleanliness and disinfection of homes are achieved, in addition to liquid hand washing products, shower gels and toilet soaps of high quality, which contain international and concentrated perfumes rich in glycerin and vitamins.

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Arma Soap and Detergents Company is participating in the fifth round of the EFMA Exhibition, which aims to introduce service providers and facility management companies to the latest products offered by Arma that are used in soft services.

EFMA Exhibition

We are thrilled to organize this Team Building Event which enhances the cooperation spirit among all team members through interactive games and activities. This demonstrates our deep belief that developing the leadership and collaboration in work atmosphere has a great impact on achieving an integrated success model.

Elsokhna Team Building Event
Team Building
OXI Award
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The Oxi brand proudly ranks second as the most preferred brand in Egypt, according to the Kantar Worldpanel report. Our new strategy, which prioritizes our customers' needs, has contributed to increasing the value of our brand and expanding our audience base.

Despite the distance we've come so far, there are still many achievements we aim to accomplish. Let's take a look at what we've achieved thus far and then continue towards our new goals.

With pride and optimism, let's review our journey and always strive for progress.

Rivoli Award Shower Gel.jpeg

Rivoli brand was awarded the "Best Innovative Product" trophy in Egypt for the year 2021, in recognition of its groundbreaking innovation, by Nielsen, the world's leading retail audit company.


They had to learn the skills and knowledge to design and deliver high-quality training sessions, improving their ability to engage and motivate learners, and learning how to use technology effectively in training.

And this exactly was our “Train-the-Trainer Advanced Course” new course covers

Every trainer was once a trainee

A valuable training session is the perfect start of the week! The training summarized several Digital marketing principles and the latest trend in such a dynamic field. It was such an interactive and useful session as confirmed by the team

Digital Marketing Training

Problem-solving and effective decision-making are essential skills in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing workplace.

At MASman Management , we are keen to strengthen our people's abilities to identify and assess problems, select the appropriate decision-making approaches for the situation, and measure the success of the solution implemented. Hence, strengthen the agility and leadership capabilities of our future leaders.

Problem-solving and effective decision 

At Masman, we champion the pivotal role of first-line managers in driving success. Our belief is simple: adept managers inspire unwavering commitment, celebrate contributions, and adeptly navigate their teams through dynamic shifts. As the winds of change blow, our focus intensifies on nurturing these exceptional leadership qualities. Welcome to the MAS Academy – where leadership thrives.




our brands hold the No. 1 or No. 2 market share in Egypt 



Million packages

of Detergents are produced each year

Oxi ®

is the leading brand of retail detergents

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